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FoSL - Project Funds Application Form

Application Form as an online Google Form (updated 20 Mar 2023)

Application Form as PDF file (updated 1 Sep 2022)

Please complete this application honestly. Dishonest applications or copied material will be discarded.

I. Purpose:

The Friends of Sierra Leone (FOSL) Project Committee supports community-based or non governmental organizations providing services that directly benefit the people of Sierra Leone. We will prioritize Sierra Leonean organizations. The normal maximum grant amount for January-December 2022 is ~34 million Leones ($3,000 USD), but smaller requests are encouraged.

Applications are accepted year-round, and the Projects Committee and the FOSL Board reviews and acts upon applications twice a year. The first deadline is April 30th, and the second deadline is October 31st.

II. Funding Guidelines:

Applications for FOSL funding must include all of the requested information that follows. Failure to include information may disqualify the proposal from consideration. Applications may be returned for additional clarification at the discretion of the Projects Committee or FOSL’s elected board of directors.

*If accepted, we will share and showcase your completed project. You will also have to submit a feedback report 6 months after receiving your funds.

FOSL will not fund:

  • Political advocacy, litigation activities, political campaigns, attempts to influence legislation, or visa or other immigration requests aimed at individuals.
  • Debt relief for any organization or funding for any past expenses.
  • Any expenses for purposes outside of Sierra Leone.

Please Note: FOSL reserves the right to have an outside evaluator visit and review the project and its financial records. In the event we elect to conduct our own evaluation the resulting report will be sent to FOSL with a copy sent to the organization.

*If you are unable to complete this Google Form, please email